• Serenity SP custom molded ear protection

    • Custom molded ear protection
    • Static-level (passive) noise attenuation
    • Different acoustic filters available for customizable protection
  • Serenity SP is a fully modular, static (passive) hearing protection system. 

    Comfortable to wear the whole day yet robust enough for heavy industrial use, Serenity SP offers multiple attenuation (noise reduction) filters for use in environments with different noise levels.

  • Attenuation filter: (white, 110WH)

    +28 dB SNR / 27 NRR
    low-frequency attenuation value: 20 dB
    medium-frequency: 24 dB
    high-frequency: 31 dB

    Attenuation filter: (orange, 105OR) +24 dB SNR
    low-frequency attenuation value: 17 dB
    medium-frequency: 20 dB
    high-frequency: 26 dB
    Attenuation filter: (yellow, 100YE) +25 dB SNR
    low-frequency attenuation value: 16 dB
    medium-frequency:22 dB
    high-frequency: attenuation value: 30 dB
    Compliance EU directive 89/686/EEC
    Accessories silicone cord with safety breaks
    attachment clip
    carry case

Phonak Hearing protection Serenity SP - L and R

Color e-Shells / Couleur coques
Filter selection
  • This product requires to take impressions of your ears (L and R). Please visite a hearing care specialist and show him / her the Phonak's Quality Guide.

    Then send us your ear impressions to this address:


    Swiss Aero Pro

    Aeropole 132

    CH-1530 Payerne



    It takes around 2-3 weeks to make this product, after we received your ear impressions.

    Contact us for further information: info[at]swissaeropro.ch